We Want Our Rights Back!

The Queensland Parliament has tabled a bill that will restore the rights at work that people in Queensland lost under the Newman government.

Without a change to the law, we can't get back the basic protections like job security that should be a right for the people who deliver services to Queensland's communities.

We need this bill to pass ASAP so that your rights can be included in collective agreements like they were before the Newman government ripped them out – but there’s a problem.

The Parliamentary Committee that will be considering this bill is evenly split between government and opposition. With the committee deadlocked it won’t be able to issue a report in favour of the bill and there is no knowing when or if it will be passed by the Parliament.

Let the Parliament know that we want the Newman government's laws changed and replaced with a bill that protects the basic rights we all deserve by signing the petition below.


Dear Members of the Finance and Administration Committee

As you know, we lost many of the rights we relied on when the LNP came to power. These were the rights allowed us to earn a liveable wage, secure our jobs, ensure we could get enough working hours and more.

When those rights were removed, we didn't take it lying down. Instead, we fought back.

In January, we elected a new Labor Government knowing that this was the only way we were going to get these valuable rights restored.

Now that the bill to restore our rights is before the Parliament, we ask you to hear our voices in support of the restoration of our rights as soon as possible.

Please endorse the bill to restore our rights and bring on the vote!

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Barbara Tweedie

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  • Katrina Margaret Kliese
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    I just signed a petition asking for the Goverment to restore my rights ASAP. Will you sign too?
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