Update for GEO workers

GEO announced on Thursday, via an email that released all officers private email addresses without their permission, that they would be putting out the claim of a non–union representative out to vote. This representative has not said one word at the negotiating table so far and is representing management’s concerns not yours. The claim being put to vote disregards many of the things that our members have continually told us is important to them. 

These include:

1. Back pay - they are offering to forgo what will be nearly 6 months of back pay.

2. A pay offer that continues GEO’s policy of being the lowest paid prison in Queensland.

3. The claim refuses to discuss safety issues including safe manning levels and use of rovers.

4. Paying new officers less even though members rejected this proposal when management first proposed it.

5. Annual leave provisions which allow officers to decide when they take annual leave, not have it scheduled by management.

6. The claim refuses to discuss any cap on the number of casuals or have any real guidelines on the maximum term contracts.

United Voice delegates’ proposals were:

1. Back pay - increases paid from the 28/04/17 and then increases on the anniversary of this date.

2. A pay rise of 4% for each year of the agreement. This is a very profitable company and they can afford to pay the same as officers at other prisons receive.

3. Non - union representatives, who don’t work down in units, say this can be discussed at the JCC. As you see every day management use the rovers as they see fit and refuse to discuss it at the JCC in any meaningful way. How often this week have you been without a rover?

4. New officers - members have unanimously said that this proposal is not acceptable. They have said that if they are working in units they should receive the same pay.

5. Annual leave - delegates tabled a proposal that gave officers safeguards on management’s proposal to schedule annual leave. It was tabled at last Monday’s meeting where their negotiator said they would take it away and consider it. We are still waiting on their response.

6. Manning levels - we asked for limits on the use of maximum term contracts and more casuals being offered the chance to become permanent employees.

Delegates have also expressed dismay at the proposed voting method. After GEO’s disgraceful release of officers personal details this week they now want to give all of your mobile numbers to a non-government agency. This agency was involved in negotiating on GEO’s behalf. Are they a neutral? Do they have a vested interest in getting this poor offer voted up?

It is now your decision time. 

Do you think you don’t deserve to be paid the least in all Queensland prisons?

Do you think GEO should be paying you an increase from 28.04.17?

Do you think GEO should be negotiating on safety matters including manning levels and the use of rovers?

Do you think GEO should be allowed to schedule your annual leave when it suits them and not you?

Do you think GEO have too many officers on maximum term contracts instead of being made permanent? If you have said yes to the above you need to vote no to GEO’s agreement.

This is being emailed and sent by SMS to all members.

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