United Voice Members Get Voting Rights in ALP Leadership

Following a decision today, all United Voice members will now have the right to have a direct say in who will lead the ALP in Queensland. 

The recent ALP State Conference produced some significant changes in the way the party will now decide its leadership.

In a historic move, it was decided that unions would get one third of the vote when it comes to electing the party leader.

United Voice members will now be balloted to ask not only who they want leading the ALP but also who they want representing them in their local electorates.

The union will be bound by their decision.


United Voice fought for this change because they believe that power in the ALP needs to be held in the hands of the workers who made the party great.

They have committed will run local forums in the lead up to elections, analysing the issues that matter to our members and questioning candidates accordingly.

More information on the balloting process will be provided to United Voice membership in due course.


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