Take a walk in our boots Mr Seeney-then tell us we are wasting our time

While hundreds of ambulance officers and fire fighters rallied outside Parliament yesterday, the Government were busy hiding away inside and dismissing their concerns.

Workers called on Campbell Newman to give them guarantees that Queensland’s Emergency Services would not be the  victim of cost cutting- however his Deputy Jeff Seeney instead chose to tell the media ‘these people are wasting their time’.

Queensland Secretary of United Voice Gary Bullock says “these people- which Deputy Premier Seeney is so quick to dismiss are the people who put their lives on the line for him and the Queensland Community every single day.”

“We’ve already called on Campbell Newman to ride along with our emergency services for a night to see what their job is really like but he refused and now we extend that invite to Deputy Seeney.”

“Once he takes a walk in ‘our boots’ then we’ll see if he still thinks our members are wasting their time.”

 “The fact Mr. Seeney or any member of Government could not even come out and talk to the hundreds of ambulance officers and firefighters gathered outside Parliament speaks volumes.”

“As our members rallied to ensure their rights are protected, conditions are not taken away and Queensland Emergency Services safeguarded, the Government chose to ignore us.”

“Deputy Premier Seeney told reporters that ‘protesting is not going to help’ but he fails to realise that because of his Government’s decisions- workers feel this is the only option left to them.”

“The last thing emergency service workers want to do is take to the streets and march but our members have been forced into this position, left without any choice.”

“All they want is a guarantee on ongoing consultation arrangements, and that cost cutting will not impact community or officer safety but it’s falling on deaf ears.”

“It’s insulting that this Government will not even address the concerns of ambulance officers and firefighters but instead choose to speak behind closed doors and dismiss their fears.”

“We told Campbell Newman to expect to see emergency service workers in the streets and that’s exactly what’s happened- this is just the beginning.”

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