Someone give Campbell Newman a lesson on Facebook

Campbell Newman has been left red faced after a Facebook post critical of his government’s handling of the ambulance pay dispute went viral and his team tried to delete it.

More than 26,000 Queenslanders “liked” the post, by “John Bulance” which challenged Campbell Newman to spend a day on the road with a paramedic.

The message from a local ambulance officer which outlined the effects of the governments “mean and nasty” bargaining offer was removed by Campbell Newman yesterday morning.

State Secretary of United Voice, the Ambulance Officers union, Gary Bullock says “The Premier has made a very big mistake by taking the views of the public for granted”

“His sneaky attempt to shut down free speech and silence ambulance officers has back fired on him big time.”

“His team should know that once a post has that big an audience, you can’t just delete it- so not only was it politically silly, it shows they just don’t get social media.”

 “We have launched a joint campaign with the fire fighters union to make sure Campbell Newman knows how serious we are about facing him head on in this attack on emergency services.”

“Our campaign was launched this morning and will be really ramped up in the coming weeks when we embark on a joint march, in uniform to Parliament on August 1st.”

“At 5.15 this evening our members will take to the streets in solidarity with public sector workers who’ve organised a rally to show that we will not stand for any more attacks on services.”

“We have another message for the Premier- we won’t be silenced and we won’t be deleted either.”

Here’s the actual post with the link below:

Dear Premier,

I'll take the 2.2% increase and loss of penalties if you and your ministers also take a reduction in pay. Please ride with us for a day to see what we really do. While you and your team sleep in your warm inner city houses tonight, there are paramedics around the state working in this rain; wet, cold and won't get a break because the community need us to work non stop to meet their needs and expectations.Please, show us the respect and come and see for yourself what I do for $27 per hour... I'll show you the emotional and tireless side of being a paramedic. Stand behind me while I tell a stranger that her husband of 43 years has died and there is nothing more I can do to change this. Come and support the suicidal patient that has just tried to take their life or come and warm the homeless because they're cold and wet tonight. Please, visit my mobile office and see reality through your eyes and not those who chose to filter or those below you who fear the truth of what I do. Please, please contact me to discuss further. Regards, Qld Paramedic.


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