Serco BITA

7 October 2015


Serco has now paid backpay due following commencement of the new Enterprise Agreement in the last pay period. A significant number of members have reported that unauthorised deductions have been made from their backpay which Serco claims are attributable to previous overpayments.
The Serco Immigration Services Agreement 2015 includes a new provision requiring all deductions from wages to be authorised by the employee:


Employers who allege employees have been overpaid and wish to recover those amounts need to first satisfy the employee that an overpayment has genuinely occurred. In cases where an overpayment has genuinely occurred United Voice encourages members to come to a sensible agreement with the employer as to how the amount can be repaid, generally occurring by installments being deducted from wages paid, or another method authorised by the employee.

If unauthorised deductions have been made from your backpay and you are not happy with that situation you should contact United Voice urgently, and provide a copy of your backpay pay slip and any other document which might be relevant.
Speak with your United Voice delegate or contact the United Voice Member Assist on 1800 065 885.

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