Save your say

United Voice is fighting back against Campbell Newman’s plans to gag all unions and their members. Not content with sacking thousands of workers, cutting back on frontline services and plans to privatise virtually all of Queensland’s vital services, now the LNP Government wants to eradicate all opposition as well.

Today, United Voice accompanied the Queensland Council of Unions to a committee hearing on a new Industrial Relations Bill. If passed, this legislation will have a devastating impact on the union movement’s ability to campaign against Newman’s dodgy policies. The sole aim of this Bill is to silence dissent, quash democracy and free speech, so this government can continue its reign of destruction in Queensland. If passed, it will limit workers ability to access their unions. New right of entry requirements will mean that it will be harder for members to communicate with their unions on workplace issues and problems.

While the changes will also require unions to basically hold a referendum every time they want to launch a campaign or make public comment on government actions. This means unions would have to ballot all members to run campaigns against job cuts, privatisation or any other issue which affects our members and the community. It’s simply not feasible and is nothing more than an attempt by Campbell Newman to silence the union movement.

We have joined forces with the Queensland Council of Unions to launch a campaign called “Save Your Say”. This morning we took part in a silent demonstration outside Parliament highlighting the Newman Governments plans to put an end to free speech. It’s the first step in a major campaign of opposition against this draconian legislation. We’ll also be running a TV ad campaign and highlighting our cause via social media. To find out more about our campaign visit

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