Share Your Thoughts Ahead of Productivity Commission Review

Tony Abbott has started a major review of the wages of working Australians.

This is a massive review into: “minimum wages, awards and penalty rates, unfair dismissal arrangements, and how employees and employers can bargain with each other”.

This could mean huge changes to pay rates and take home pay, a return to individual agreements, and more.

We need to speak up now and remind the politicians, economists and employers that our work is valuable. We deserve better pay and conditions, not cuts. Already this Productivity Commission is being described as the first step back to WorkChoices.

Have your say in the comment box below. Tell us why penalty rates matters to you or what you give up when you work weekends, public holidays or late nights. You could talk about why fair wages or job security matter. Or what a fair workplace looks like to you. Whatever your thoughts are about this upcoming review and its implications on your life, let us know.

To read the United Voice submission to the Productivity Commission, click here.

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