Prison officers take industrial action

Prison officers at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre staged a four hour work stoppage today as part of industrial action over a row about pay and conditions. They’ll continue their action with a further four hour strike tomorrow morning.

Arthur Gorrie prison officers are the only ones in Queensland who will receive a zero percent pay rise this year while those in public and other privately operated jails will get at least 2.2% extra. Prison officers put their lives on the line every day and perform an extremely difficult, grueling and dangerous job. All they want is a fair deal and a little bit of respect from their employer.

Since August 2013, workers and their union representatives have met with management more than 20 times in a bid to reach agreement, however these negotiations ultimately failed. United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock said these workers deserve some respect. He added “They feel like management is making them the laughing stock of the corrections industry as they are the only ones in the state with no pay rise for at least two years.”

The industrial action will continue tomorrow and members are not ruling out further strike action next week. Mr Bullock says “Prison officers are determined and angry and have warned GEO that they will take whatever action necessary to get a fair deal.”

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