Cleaners protest during busy lunchtime rush at CommBank

Cleaners and their supporters will converge on Commonwealth Bank today at noon to prove that a living wage may be small change to the bank but is what workers deserve. Continue reading

Government forces ambulance officers down the Industrial Relations Commission route

The Newman Government has refused to negotiate in good faith with ambulance officers and instead ignored their valid concerns over community safety, according to United Voice. Continue reading

Ambulance Officers and Firefighters launch TV AD campaign

United Voice, the ambulance officers’ union and the United Firefighters Union are stepping up their joint campaign against the Newman Government’s attempts to downgrade Emergency Services. Continue reading

Newman’s cuts lead to appalling conditions for staff

Not content with sacking thousands from Queensland Health, Campbell Newman is determined to make those that still have a job suffer. After claiming the restructuring of BreastScreen would not affect patients or staff, United Voice, the health professionals’ union, has discovered the appalling conditions staff are forced to put up with. Continue reading

Take a walk in our boots Mr Seeney-then tell us we are wasting our time

While hundreds of ambulance officers and fire fighters rallied outside Parliament yesterday, the Government were busy hiding away inside and dismissing their concerns. Workers called on Campbell Newman to give them guarantees that Queensland’s Emergency Services would not be the  victim of cost cutting- however his Deputy Jeff Seeney instead chose to tell the media ‘these people are wasting their time’. Continue reading

Ambulance Officers and Firefighters march on Parliament House

Hundreds of Ambulance Officers and Firefighters are marching through the streets of Brisbane this afternoon in opposition to the Governments ‘disastrous’ enterprise bargaining offer. Continue reading

Newman destroys lives with the stroke of a pen

United Voice has issued an ultimatum to Campbell Newman to reverses the new directive which over-rides EBA’s by Friday. United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “we are currently seeking legal advice on what exactly can be done to reverse this decision- one thing is for sure we absolutely do not accept it.” Continue reading

Cairns educator highlights local issues

Bridget has been working as an educator for 2 ½ years and was thrilled to see the Big Steps tv ad campaign roll into town in Cairns last weekend.  The ad was launched in Cairns North. Continue reading

Another unjust attack on hospitality workers

United Voice, the hospitality workers union, has hit out at comments made by a Sunshine Coast tourism chief calling for penalty rates to be scrapped. Continue reading

Coalition playing politics with our children’s education

United Voice, the early childhood education and care union, has slammed federal opposition plans to roll back on key childcare reforms. Continue reading