Safety Fears As Security Staff Reduced At PA Hospital

Private security company MSS Security has decided to cut the number of security staff at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, a move United Voice has branded dangerous.

There are usually five security staff on duty during the day shift, between 6am and 6pm but from today (Monday) this will be reduced to just four.

United Voice Queensland Co- ordinator Damien Davie said the reduction of security staff at one of the busiest hospitals in the South East is “absolute madness”.

“Currently there are not enough security officers on duty to deal with the demands of the job so numbers should really be increased rather than reduced,” Mr Davie said.

Security officers at the hospital say one officer needs to be in the communications station at all times, another in the emergency department, one needs to be available at all times to assist helicopter landings, two need to escort mentally ill patients and two are required to respond to any incidents.

The decision comes just weeks before the G20 Summit takes place in Brisbane, with the Princess Alexandra the main hospital for the event.

 “This decision by MSS Security is about money and private companies putting profits above and beyond everything else. They are putting money before public safety and the safety of their workers. It’s a disgrace,” said Mr Davie.

United Voice fears the reduction in security staff will put patients, members of the public and staff in danger.

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