Newman’s cuts lead to appalling conditions for staff

Not content with sacking thousands from Queensland Health, Campbell Newman is determined to make those that still have a job suffer.

After claiming the restructuring of BreastScreen would not affect patients or staff, United Voice, the health professionals’ union, has discovered the appalling conditions staff are forced to put up with.

United Voice Health Co- ordinator Sharron Caddie says “the true extent of the cutbacks to BreastScreen is being witnessed by health professionals already, particularly in rural areas.”

“Health professionals travelling with BreastScreen mobile vans have seen their conditions deteriorate to an unacceptable level where they must now provide their own bed linen and sleep in nurses’ accommodation at hospitals in different towns.”

“Furthermore they have to share bathrooms with male staff and more often than not there are no locks on the bathroom or bedroom doors.”

“They are now being told they may have to share rooms. This is totally unacceptable, after all the majority of the monographers in question are women in their 60’s.”

“These health professionals are on the road, away from home for three or four weeks at a time, they screen between 45-48 women a day, it’s a gruelling job. They deserve somewhere decent to sleep and unwind at night.”

“Furthermore some of our members have told us the bathrooms are filthy and kitchens are full of dirty dishes when they arrive.”

“I have spoken to many members who are very upset by the manner in which they are being treated, they have worked with Queensland Health for a long time and are deeply hurt by the lack of respect shown by this government.”

“They cannot believe they have to face into a situation like this after a long gruelling day screening women for breast cancer and they are very distressed.”

“We are calling on the government to address this problem as a matter of urgency; their cost cutting is putting regional women at risk.”

For further information contact Susan Butler on 0428 189 130/ 3291 4610

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