Newman slashes Ambulance Officers' pay by thousands

ambo_offer2_sm.jpgAmbulance Officers have given an angry response to what’s been described as a ‘mean and nasty’ enterprise bargaining offer by government.

The offer will cost paramedics thousands of dollars over the life of the agreement, and slashes meal overtime penalties in return for a 2.2 per cent wage increase.

It’s the latest blow to the ambulance service as it emerged recently that plans are underway to merge the emergency service with Queensland Health amid claims it’ll fix the ramping problem.

United Voice, the ambulance officers' union, maintains this move would be a disaster and an expert report has now confirmed this by stating clearly that any merger would not solve ramping.

This afternoon ambulance officers outlined their disgust at what they’ve branded as an extremely insulting offer from the government.

United Voice Queensland Secretary Gary Bullock says “this is an absolute joke and amounts to nothing more than another attack by Government on ambulance officers”.

“Since Campbell Newman took office he has been slowly trying to chip away at our trusted and valuable ambulance service”.

Mr Bullock also said he has contacted the United Fire Fighters Union and delegates from both unions are meeting on Monday to discuss a joint response and outline details of a campaign of opposition.

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