Mother Duck Decision Handed Down

United Voice had a great win yesterday for one of our early childhood educators and for all union members.

We took legal action against Mother Duck Childcare Centre and Managing Director Denis Hinton, after they sacked Margaret Smith for encouraging her colleagues to join their union.

Yesterday, the federal court found that Mother Duck and Mr Hinton “took adverse action against Ms Smith because she proposed to exercise a workplace right and had engaged in or proposed to engage in industrial activity”

Margaret is relieved that the ordeal is finally over and feels vindicated by today’s judgement.

“I knew Mother Duck sacked me because I encouraged some of my colleagues to become involved in the union's campaign for better wages called the Big Steps campaign,” said Margaret.

“I also knew this was unfair and that employers cannot punish their staff for trying to build a stronger union in our workplace. I really hope by taking a stand, it will mean that no one else will find themselves in a position like I did.”

This is not only a great win for Margaret but also for all union members as it sends a clear message to employers that they cannot target employees for trying to create a stronger union in their workplace.

We’re delighted for Margaret that we could make sure her employer does not get away with this type of behaviour and we will not hesitate to take action against any other boss who thinks they can take advantage of their staff.

United Voice will stand by any delegate or member who is targeted by their employer for being active in their union.

Compensation for Margaret and penalties against the employer will be determined in February.

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