Make Your Minimum Wage Submission

Over the next few weeks the Fair Work Commission will decide how much to increase Australia’s minimum wage, effectively deciding what wage millions of workers should live on. The minimum wage increase also sets a benchmark for millions more workers whose hourly rate is tied to the minimum wage.

Already the bosses and their unions are queuing up calling for a very small increase. The ACTU has proposed an increase of $30 a week – not enough we reckon but an affordable increase that would take some pressure of working families.

You see, the problem is the Commissions only ever hears from the government, employers and the ACTU. They never hear from you – working people whose day to day lives will be impacted by their decision.

We’re going to change that. We want to flood the Commission with submissions from everyday Australians. Let’s tell them exactly how hard it can get to make ends meet, how costs to care for our families keep going up, and how $30 a week is a fair and affordable outcome.

We’re also looking for volunteers to appear in person at the Fair Work Commission’s consultation process - to be the voice of United Voice members.

We’ll arrange for you to go to Sydney, tell your story to the Commission and outline why minimum wage workers need increased wages.

So enter your submission below, and you could end up being the voice of Queensland workers.

This is our chance to make a real change, make sure you use it!

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  • Melissa Warren
    commented 2013-04-28 21:08:27 +1000
    Make life and living more affordable for families. $30 dollars a week would help!