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2 March 2018 - XXXX Workers Take Action to Keep Queensland Jobs Local

4 July 2017 - Workers Walk Off Job at Wesley Mission Sinnamon Village

16 May 2017 - Clubs Australia lash out after community rallies

03 May 2017 - Aged Care Workers To Rally Tomorrow

20 April 2017 - Zombie Agreements wreak havoc on workers’ rights

23 March 2017 - Aged Care workers plan industrial action after negotiating breakdown

23 March 2017 - Burleigh Bears Rally 

21 March 2017 - Smoking gun in CCA shutdown

19 March 2017 - Redlands Sporting Club Rally 

01 December 2016 - Hundreds of aged care workers to protest in city

20 October 2016 - Ambulance officers hold silent demonstration calling for #ZeroTolerance 

5 Sep 2016 - Early educators launch online protest for equal pay 

13 Sep 2016 - CUB workers in Queensland demand job security

30 June 2016 - QLD Ambulance Officers call for wage increase after dropping to the bottom of the national pack

31 May 2016 - Time for Rethink on Minimum Wage

27 May 2016 - Polling shows voters in Herbert will vote against candidates who want to slash penalty rates

27 May 2016 - Polling shows voters in FNQ will vote against candidates who want to slash penalty rates

27 May 2016 - Polling shows voters in Longman will vote against candidates who want to slash penalty rates

15 April 2016 - Educators out and about in Queen Street Mall

18 March 2016 - Sick Queenslanders suffer as ramping times blow out

8 March 2016 - Hospitality X members fight for underpayment

21 January - Ambulance Officers Rally in Southport - Media release

20 January 2016 - Ambulance Officers hold silent rally in Southport - Media Alert

18 January 2016 - Hardship fund set up to help Dulux workers doing it tough

18 January 2016 - Ambulance Union calls for urgent Government action to stop assaults on Ambulance officers

14 January 2016 - Bunnings customers warned of paint supply shortages during Dulux industrial action

13 January 2016 - Dulux Workers To Strike After Employer Paints Them Into A Corner

13 December 2015 - Ambulance Union calls for urgent establishment of task force on assault

30 November 2015 - Bakers warned of flour shortage as mill works take stand against unfair pay

20 October 2015 - Union goes after massive underpayment by MSS

13 October 2015 - Low pay still big industry deterrent, says union

9 September 2015 - Wilsons a poor choice for Nauru contract, says union

21 August 2015 Union supports ambulance registration inquiry

19 August 2015 Minister Needs to step up to stamp out ramping, says union

17 August 2015 Community rallies behind sacked Capalaba worker

12 August 2015 Ambos welcome action on ramping

11 August 2015 Brisbane in grip of ramping

22 July 2015 - Cairns crisis with ambulance ramping

14 July 2015 - Union welcomes announcement re Sunshine Coast cancer care

14 July 2015 - Ambulance Union Welcomes Funding Boost

24 June 2015 - Jupiters Workers Celebrate Win

Survey reveals overcrowding and understaffing problems at private prisons

Workers call for protection of weekend rates this Labour Day

Workers rely on penalty rates at Easter

Ambulance officers feeling fatigued on the job

Blow to manufacturing in Brisbane as Dulux cuts 60 jobs

Childcare union welcomes legislation on vaccinations

Time for Labor and LNP to tell public where they stand on Ambulance crisis

Ambulance Union launches Campaign to Revive Queensland Ambulance Service

Arrogant Government puts Patients at risk by Privatising Ambulance Transport

Crisis in Queensland Ambulance Service as Unfilled Shifts Sky Rocket

Medicare Co-Payment changes to increase strain on ambulance service

Health Professionals Rally at Townsville Hospital

Time to Tackle Assaults on Ambulance Officers

Health Professionals to Vote on Industrial Action

Health Professionals Rally at Gold Coast Hospital

Security Officers Underpaid by Private Contractor

Hospital Chaos on the Sunshine Coast..... Again

Patients and Public in Danger as Security Staff Cut at PA Hospital

Rally for suspended prison officer

Prison to pay suspended officer for duration of legal proceedings

Union takes prison management to court after officer suspended for talking to media

Prison workers under attack as tensions escalate at Arthur Gorrie  

Health professionals rally to save Gladstone Medical Imaging Services

Rally to save Rockhampton Medical Imaging Services

Ambo union warn of Hospital Chaos on Sunshine Coast

Ambo union warn government against ignoring ramping

School cleaners launch anti-privatisation campaign

Commission decision signals further cuts for ambos

Smoking ban puts prison officers lives at risk

Ambos subjected to road rage in Rockhampton

School cleaners rally outside Newman’s office amid privatisation fears

Ambos are SEVEN times more likely to be injured at work

Ambo audit unfair reflection on professional service

Pollie pay rise more than workers earn in two years

Prison officers walk off the job

No wages for prison officers as they set strike date

Statement on Sunshine Coast staff shortages

130 jobs go as another iconic manufacturing company leaves Queensland

Industrial changes will lead to sick school kids

Health workers to vote on Industrial action

Pollie pay rise-slap in the face for ambos

Ambulance officers union responds to Keelty Report

Ambos to fight privatisation

Dempsey sugar-coating planned cuts to ambulance

Blind workers rally outside Parliament against job losses

Newman playing politics with ambos

Dempsey..... come clean on your plans for our ambulance service.

School Cleaners Day celebrated as privatisation threat looms

Minimum wage increase not enough to make a real difference

400 cleaners axed and ‘racist’ government scheme leaves them with nothing

Staffing shortages causing serious problems in ambulance

Prison officers strike this Sunday

1400 sign petition supporting pregnant casino worker in 12 hours

 Major cleaners protest at Commbank over poor wages

Government attacks on emergency service continue as they save lives in flood stricken areas

Ambos call on government to stop attacks on service

Newman forces ambulance officers into arbitration

Audit of cleaning contractors welcome but hundreds of cleaners still awaiting pay

Emergency Service workers rally outside local Minister’s office

 Ambulance Officers and Firefighters launch TV AD campaign in Bundaberg

Ambulance Officers and Firefighters march on Parliament House

Emergency Service workers step up campaign in Cairns

Firefighters and Ambulance Officers campaign ABSEILs into town

Firefighters and Ambulance Officers rally in Bundaberg

Private contractor unable to cope with medical emergencies at Cairns festival

Support for firies and ambo campaign hits 5,000


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