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Let's get election ready

Our next state election is looming, we know the Premier can call it any day now. It could be early next year, or as close as November. What we do know is that it’ll be on a knife’s edge; the numbers in parliament are very close and any change could see a Tim Nicholls LNP government calling the shots on your wages and conditions, job security and frontline services.

The Newman years are still fresh in our minds as a hard time for union members. Do you remember how it felt to see the cuts Campbell Newman made?

In your electorate of Everton, you have local MP Tim Mander who was part of the Newman/Nicholls government. Tim, has voted against every piece of legislation that restored rights at work and we know Tim supported the cuts to wages and jobs, contracting out of services, cuts to schools, and complete destruction of workers conditions in 2012.

In contrast, over the last two years with a Palaszczuk government, we’ve seen:

  • Better job security
  • Better temp to permanent conversion processes for state government employees
  • The introduction of fairer workplace laws
  • Wages increased to be in line with the cost of living
  • Better funding for schools, health and frontline services

Do you remember the Stand for Queensland campaign last state election? The thousands of union members involved in it were instrumental in dismantling the Newman government.

It is important that we are the front foot again this election to ensure workers across the state continue to get a fair go ... that’s why we are launching our campaign now.

United Voice members from your area will be coming together on Wednesday the 11th October, sharing some food and kicking off our campaign to secure jobs and critical community services.

Can you come along?

Key details

Date: Wednesday the 11th of October

Time: 5:30pm for 6pm start

Address:  Everton Park Bowls and Community Club - 7 Gearside St, Everton Park


People power makes a difference! In the last Queensland state election, thousands of union members knocked on doors and made phone calls to tell voters their stories and it made a difference. With your help, we can do this again here in Queensland in this election. 

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