A party for working people?

United Voice has always believed that politics was an important way to deliver for members. And our political involvement has delivered real benefits:  We defeated Workchoices, and won back our Rights at Work. We secured the jobs of school cleaners from privatisation. We won minimum hours for Teacher Aide’s. And we secured $800million dollars for Aged Care in the latest federal budget. But at the recent state election many people – including many union members – felt that the Labor Party no longer represented us or our interests. The Labor Party was created by union members to represent working people. With so many working people voting against Labor, clearly something big went wrong. In the wake of their devastating defeat, Labor announced a review. The big question now is: Will this review rubber stamp the actions of the previous government, or will it bring about real change? At least in part, that’s up to us. This is a unique opportunity for us to say what needs to change about Labor – what it will take for us to vote for them again, or even join and get involved. Together United Voice can be a powerful force in politics and within Labor. But only if we can force Labor to once again become a party for working people and their families. First, we want to know if you think Labor can be saved. And if enough United Voice members do, we’ll develop an exciting program to give members a real say in what needs to change. Click here to tell us what you think. It’s the first step in an ongoing discussion about how we change politics in Queensland for the benefit of United Voice members. Gary, Sheila, Nev and the United Voice team