Jupiters Casino Workers Celebrate Win

Casino_Croupier_Chips.jpgAllegations about the treatment of workers at a contract cleaning and housekeeping company have led to Jupiters Casino’s decision to terminate its contract with the provider, in what union United Voice is calling a significant win for casino workers.

Jupiters, owned by Echo Entertainment, outsourced housekeeping and cleaning operations to Challenger Cleaning in early 2013.

After the union started receiving complaints from housekeepers, stewards and cleaners working for Challenger, United Voice approached Jupiters - who cooperated in investigations into the claims.


“We started hearing frequent allegations of Challenger not paying its workers superannuation, penalty rates, or their proper rates of pay,” United Voice Casinos Coordinator Michael Clifford said.

 “We took these claims to Jupiters and, after a joint investigation with our union, they made the decision to terminate the contract, meaning the outsourced positions will again be brought in-house.

 “It’s a great win, not only for these 250 workers but also for the wider industry. The contracting out of cleaning, security and stewarding positions in the hospitality and tourism sector is endemic and has led to a significant reduction in pay and conditions for these workers.

 “Improving workers’ rights in casinos is a big priority for our union, and we’re pleased that Jupiters decided to terminate the contract with Challenger.

“We now have two priorities. The first is to ensure the job security of the affected employees and we are working with Jupiters to ensure that they transfer smoothly across without loss of conditions.

“The second is to continue to ensure that we vigorously pursue any employers, including Challenger, where we can show they have not followed their contractual or industrial obligations."

All workers employed by Jupiters prior to the commencement of the contract with Challenger in 2013 will be offered employment with Jupiters.

Workers hired by Challenger are going through a recruitment process with Jupiters and United Voice expects most will transfer employment to Jupiters, provided they accept the employment offer.

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