Job Security and Workplace Health and Safety for School Cleaners



Congratulations to school cleaners. The United Voice School Cleaner Negotiating Team and Education Queensland have reached an in-principle agreement in relation to a replacement School Cleaner Certified Agreement.

The parties were able to reach in-principle agreement on those items which school cleaners said were most important.

1.       A wage increase as follows which is in line with the Government Wage Policy: 1.04% to apply from 1 April 2016 (This is due to the fact that an increase of 2.5% has already been granted from 1 April 2015 – 1 April 2016.  The 1.04% is an interim increase to align with 1 September expiry date of agreement).

2.5% to apply from 1 September 2016

2.5% to apply from 1 September 2017

2.      Reinstatement of all provisions which were removed in legislation changes by the previous state government. This includes the clauses relating to contracting out.

3.      The establishment of a working party to explore the role of cleaners including career paths, professional development and any other matters agreed by the parties.

4.      Commitment to Workplace Health and Safety.  This supports the claim for reinstatement of School Cleaning Advisors and will commence with a pilot program at the start of 2016.

5.      Special schools to receive next shift replacement for any cleaner away from work due to an unplanned absence.

Once the final draft is finalised and agreed on, there will be joint EQ/United Voice roll out meetings held throughout the state which you are encouraged to attend to hear full information on your new EBA.

United Voice will be holding further network meetings where it is vital that at least one member from every school attends to educate you on exactly what this means for you in your school.  Information on both of these meetings will be sent out as soon as arranged.

Your school cleaner delegates on the negotiating team are to be congratulated on their active participation in discussions.  The manner in which they conducted themselves and their arguments in support of all school cleaners is to be commended. 

Now is the time to ensure that you continue to keep these great conditions so you need to:

  • Talk to others at your school about becoming United Voice members
  • Be active and informed by attending union information sessions
  • Be educated in the provisions of your new agreement to ensure compliance

To download this update as a PDF to share with your school community, click here.

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