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Help prison officers doing it tough

Many prison officers at Arthur Gorrie are doing it tough at the moment. One of those officers is Adam Jones.He’s had an extremely difficult time lately with mounting medical bills due to the recent hospitalisation of his young daughter with a serious medical condition. When his wages didn’t go into his bank account on time last week due to an alleged “payroll failure” he panicked. Adam had to borrow money from a friend to buy milk for his family and put petrol in his car to get to work.

Adam’s not alone, plenty of his work colleagues are also struggling to make ends meet. That’s why their decision to take industrial action and stop work, despite the financial consequences is a brave one. These prison officers put their lives on the line every day. However GEO, the management company at the jail refuse to give them any pay rise whatsoever this year, making them the only prison officers in the state not to get a wage increase. To add insult to injury, one of GEO’s directors, who claims there is no money for any wage increase, arrives to meetings with the negotiating team in a chauffeur driven car!

Adam’s workmates, those who are also on strike, have passed the hat around to help him and his family out. You can help too by donating to help Adam and his family and others who are doing it hard. Looking after each other is what being part of a union is all about.

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