Health professionals ready for “fight of their lives”

About 80 health professionals endorsed one of the biggest ever union campaigns to fight against outsourcing in Queensland Hospitals last night. Radiographers, sonographers, radiation/cancer care therapists and oral health professionals met at the unions Peel Street office to discuss the looming threat of privatisation.

The health professionals voted to endorse the campaign which will see rallies outside hospitals across Queensland, a massive advertising campaign and possible industrial action if the government goes ahead with planned outsourcing of hospital departments.

United Voice Health Co-ordinator Damien Davie described it as “The fight of health workers professional lives.” He said “Health professionals have had enough of cuts to frontline services and the effect it’s having on patient safety and their jobs. We all know what happens when services are privatised. We cannot let this happen to our health service.”

 “It’s already happened in Goondiwindi and Warwick. Now they plan to outsource medical imaging at Rockhampton Hospital. Our members were told their jobs are safe but on the very same day were hauled into a meeting and given tips on how to update their resumes! It’s just ridiculous.”

One of the radiographers affected is Michael Delaney. He said “We are all just devastated, gutted that this is happening. Some of us have been there over 30 years. We won’t get a job anywhere else. We’ve long service leave, annual leave and sick leave worked up- this will all be gone.”

While Rebecca Griffin, a radiographer at Logan Hospital believes if it can happen in Rockhampton, it can happen anywhere. Rebecca said “This government has absolutely no respect for health professionals. They’ve stripped away our conditions and our job security. We know privatisation is next and we just can’t let that happen. We have to throw everything at this- we need to fight. We will not go quietly while they take our jobs and put patients’ lives at risk.”

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