United Voice Delegate Awards 2016

While all United Voice members are passionate, dedicated and driven there are some delegates who go above and beyond in their own work places, in their local communities and on important national issues. These amazing individuals help improve the lives of so many and are vital to the strength and success of the union which is why United Voice celebrates their achievements with the Delegates Awards.

If you know an outstanding United Voice delegate who should be recognised for their contribution please nominate them for one of these prestigious awards. Simply click on the most relevant award below and fill in the nomination form.

Delegate Award - Recruitment of new members

Delegate Award - Representation in the workplace and on industry bodies

Delegate Award - Leading Network Award

Delegate Award - Building Stronger Delegates

Delegate Award - Leading campaigns

Youth Award

If you experience any problems with the forms above please email your nomination directly to laura.woodward@unitedvoice.org.au

Nomination Process

Delegate Award nominations will be accepted from delegates, peers or officials, substantiated by U organise data and be submitted to the Awards Committee for consideration. 

All awards will be presented to Branch Executive for endorsement.