Something huge happened in Townsville

Yesterday our campaign for childcare took a giant leap forward. Because of your hard work to convince the Prime Minister that she needed to take action our campaign was endorsed... BY THE PRIME MINISTER!

Prime Minister Gillard signed the petition in Townsville after speaking to former childcare centre director, Daniel Murphy. She wrote a note that said:

This is the most direct indication yet that the government is serious about addressing the child care crisis. Click here to share this amazing news.

The PM signed this petition because more than 7000 people just like you have said they care about a long term solution to the child care crisis.

Now we need to make sure the government really fixes the problem.  We need to spread the word about the crisis in child care and achieve our goal of 10,000 signatures. Click here to share our big news with your friends on Facebook.

The more people that see the Prime Minister has endorsed our campaign, the more pressure we can put on the government to make sure they deliver.  So click here, share this great news with your friends, then click here to tweet it to the world- yell it from the rooftops. 

Thanks to you the Prime Minister has signed on to fix childcare.

PS: Congratulations, the Prime Minister only signed on because you, and thousands of other people said they cared about making a difference in child care.  Our united voices are what made the difference.

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