Cairns educator highlights local issues

Bridget has been working as an educator for 2 ½ years and was thrilled to see the Big Steps tv ad campaign roll into town in Cairns last weekend.  The ad was launched in Cairns North.

“There was a good turnout, and the ad was really informative. It’s telling parents and the public what we want and need – they’re getting the message loud and clear,” she said.

Bridget said that wages are definitely the biggest issue in childcare, and that if parents are forced to pay more, they just won’t send their children to childcare at all.

“For some children, this is the best chance they have to socialise and learn before school. I’d hate to see kids disadvantaged because their parents couldn’t afford to send them here,” said Bridget.

Bridget believes that unless the Government delivers professional wages for ECEC employees, the industry won’t be able to compete and will continue to lose workers to other jobs with higher pay.

“We want quality wages for care,” said Bridget.

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