Brisbane launch gives parents a voice

Bris_launch.jpgThe Big Steps TV ad has made its latest appearance in Brisbane, with an enthusiastic turnout for the launch at a local southside centre. Centre Director, Amanda Stevenson, was thrilled to host the event.

“I am determined to get as many people as possible on board the Big Steps campaign,” she said.

The launch was attended by many families and children from the centre, as well as from other centres in the area who came to lend their support.

United Voice Secretary, Gary Bullock, and Assistant Secretary, Sheila Hunter, were at the event to celebrate with the educators and to thank the community for their support for the Big Steps campaign.

Children and their parents enjoyed the family fun day, including a Big Steps cake, games and facepainting.

Amanda said that seeing the TV ad was a real highlight, and that it has made parents more aware of what the campaign is about. “Lots of parents have been supporting us, but now that they know more, they’re much more vocal about the campaign and much better informed about what we’re fighting for,” Amanda said.

The Big Steps campaign is gearing up to a national day of action on November 17th, when Brisbane will celebrate National Big Steps Day with a supporters’ walk and children’s concert with the Wotwots and Bananas in Pyjamas.

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