A big step for Big Steps

bigsteps_ALP.jpgOver 11,000 signatures have been presented to the Deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swan, on giant coloured crayons.

The names and crayons represent the huge amount of support for the Big Steps campaign to secure professional wages for early childhood educators and carers.

There has been extensive media coverage of the issue, and this campaign has had a visible impact on Government leaders. 

 In Parliament, Wayne Swan has said: "We understand how important it is that childcare workers are well paid. We understand how important it is that there is a career for childcare workers.”


bigsteps_swan.jpgThe Prime Minister is seriously considering allocating the $1.4 billion dollars we have been calling for to get the childcare sector back on track. It is also clear that Tony Abbott does not support professional wages in childcare - he has announced he is opposed to providing extra funds. 

The Government is close to making its decision. 


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