“Big Steps” celebrations in Townsville

tv_ad_launch_photo_childcare_sm.jpgThe “Big Steps” message hit TV screens in Townsville this week as a major advertising blitz was launched.

It’s the latest phase of the ongoing fight for professional wages for early childhood educators and the ad will be rolled out state wide in the coming weeks.

It comes as the wages crisis continues to force educators out of the sector and to industries with better pay, currently at a rate of 180 per week nationwide.

United Voice, the early childhood education union decided it was time for the “Big Steps” campaign to be ramped up even further and is now embarking on a major advertising campaign.

Parents, children, educators and directors all gathered at Amaroo Early Childhood Centre in Townsville for the official launch on Monday.

There was plenty to do for all the family with a fun brunch, face painting, balloons and lots of activities for kids.

The launch was hugely successful and generated good media interest as well as proving an enjoyable day for all who attended.

Townsville is just the start of this blitz and the “Big Steps” advertising campaign will be coming to TV screens across Queensland in the very near future.

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